Battle of Bicolline

Battle of Bicolline - 24rd edition

Event Date

August 11-18 2019



Costume Rental

In Mauricie, we advise you Le Costumier Chavigny located in Trois-Rivières.



This is your first experience?

Welcome to our universe! At Bicolline, everyone is at the service of immersion, the veteran player as well as the casual visitor. The golden rule to fully experience: it must respect the decorum, that is to say, wear a costume of medieval inspiration-fantastic and avoid anachronisms such as watches, cell phones, plastic objects, apparatus photo, etc.


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You can also contact us by email at info@bicolline.org ou téléphone au 819-532-1755. Au plaisir!


Geopolitical game

Si vous avez des communications étant destinées au maître de jeu, écrivez à maitredejeu@bicolline.org