Le Début de la Faim


Date of the activity

Nov. 13, 2021


After the fever, the purulent pustules and the nauseating smell of the mass graves, the Grande Peste is making itself felt again with shortages of all kinds. For some it is a good riddance, but with more than half of the populace having breathed their last, the lack of workers or slaves is rampant almost everywhere in the known world.

Of course, for common goods like tools and furniture, you can always extend the life of those you already own, but what's the point of keeping your old trough if there's no more feed to put in it. And as the Grand Mal has struck small and large, the whole of the fields are fallow and the grain silos are empty.

Some corners of the country, far from the big centres, have managed to escape the slaughter to some extent. What used to be considered far away unimportant hamlets are now prized by looters and robbers.

This is the case of Forsel and Ermence, two forgotten villages in the domain of Kormantin, deep in the fief of Artoisard in Haldorf. Illiterate, toothless, and not bathing more often than they see their neighbours, the isolated farmers watch as strangers from all over the world come to pillage to feed themselves.

The ruthless templars of the Garde immergée, led by Mattai, the High Priest of Noisehoc, are among the lot. For in Nasgaroth as elsewhere, scarcity has reared its head.

The Inévitables, nomadic mercenaries under Pythagoras’ command who left the Cité des Sables for Andore, are also currently visiting Kormantin and readily help themselves.

Even the Haute-Garde, Mariembourg’s brand new militia led by its Captain Germain Cassé, is in the vicinity, in search of products that could relieve their discerning palate.

Having caught wind that the Empire's troops, full of pride, are nearby, Daëron Ëlanësse, Alta Mahtar of Irendille, sets out for Kormantin with the avowed aim of destroying the Haute-Garde. At the head of the Cercle d’Or, he still brings with him a caravan of food for the needy of Haldorf, for despite everything, there are still a few worthwhile humans in the lot.

The footsteps of all these infantrymen make the earth rumble like thunder. The storm is about to break. And even if the villagers can't believe their ears, in their heart of hearts they know that their lands are now too crowded!


Le début de la faim is an activity designed for participants who wish to take part in a military campaign-style event. The day will be divided into chapters that will allow the armies to accumulate victory points.

The activity is designed for four (4) armies of up to 75 participants each. The armies have agreed to increase this limit by increments of 25 participants for a maximum of 125 per army.


Participants are expected to arrive at 8:00 am on Saturday morning, park in the P1 parking lot across the street (with the exception of cession owners who have a parking space), and head to the registration building. Homologation will be done at the blue building . 

In order to avoid gatherings, there will be no general briefing prior to the event: we invite registered participants with homologated weapons to head immediately to their deployment area for the first chapter. 

The sound of the signal horn marks the beginning of the activity. Latecomers will be required to join the activity in progress after going through the registration process. It is the latecomer’s responsibility to find a marshal who can homologate their weapons before joining a chapter.

How the activity unfolds

The chapters follow one another, and the total victory points for each army will only be revealed at the end of the campaign. The armies have approximately ten (10) minutes to get reorganized between each chapter.


In case of a tie at the end of a chapter (or the refusal of one of the armies to engage) neither army scores any points, and the earnings are lost.




The price of the activity does not include lunch and dinner, but it is possible to purchase a meal package. 

Registration to the campaign includes access to the Ducasse (formerly known as the Soirées tavernes). Exceptionally for this activity and due to sanitary measures, it will not be possible to register only for the Ducasse. Registration is non-refundable but can be transferred to another person for the same activity. It will not be possible to register at the door.


Member 55.00 CAD + taxes (63.25 CAD)
Regular70.00 CAD + taxes (80.50 CAD)
Meal package 33.50 CAD + taxes (38.50 CAD)

Meal package

The caterer for this event is Santé Taouk Shawinigan. 

  • Lunch: Includes a taouk sandwich (chicken, beef-lamb shawarma or a vegetarian falafel) served with a fruit salad.

  • Regular dinner: Mixed plate of chicken and beef-lamb served with rice, garlic potatoes, two salads (couscous and fatoush) with turnips, chili, garlic sauce, pita bread and baklawa.

  • Vegetarian dinner : Two spinach kibbeh with rice, garlic potatoes, two salads (couscous and fatoush) with turnips, chili, garlic sauce, pita bread and baklawa.

To register

All participants must be at least 16 years old.
Registration is done via our website (a user account is required): Registration
The deadline for registration with meal package is November 7, 2021 at noon.
The deadline for registration without meal package is November 12, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

To contact one of the armies

  • Campaign A

    • Garde immergée (YELLOW)

      • Mathieu Roy (mroystage@outlook.com)

      • Philippe B. Côté (yamel.pbc@gmail.com)

    • Inévitables (BLUE)

      • Alexandre Potvin Bouchard (laparche1@gmail.com)

      • Guillaume St-Amour (stamourg07@gmail.com)

  • Campaign B

    • Haute-Garde (YELLOW)

      • Julien Grenier (julien.grenier@mail.mcgill.ca)

      • Marc-André Denis (marcoxandre@outlook.com)

    • Cercle d’Or (BLUE)

      • Alexis Plourde-Dinelle (a.plourde4568@gmail.com)

      • Étienne Ouimet (etienneouimet@hotmail.fr)


We are all responsible for our own safety and the safety of others. No violent behavior (both physical and psychological) nor any altered state of mind will be tolerated during the event under penalty of expulsion.
We are individually responsible for everyone’s enjoyment,

The sanitary measures in effect must be respected by everyone for the duration of the event. Please consult our website for more information.


The Duché de Bicolline team would like to inform you that, until further notice, you will have to present your vaccination passport to participate in our activities and events. Please note that this decision was made in accordance with the governmental measures that were announced on August 10th and that will be applied throughout Quebec as of September 1st. You can consult the ministerial decree by following this link: Québec Vaccination Passport. We thank you for your understanding.