Tournois des Nations

Registrations are currently closed

Date of the activity

Aug. 14, 2021


The Tournament of Nations is a great gathering of fighters, athletes and scholars of great fortune or small nobility, who compete in more or less friendly tournaments in order to prove to everyone which of the nations of Bicolline is the most grandiose and prestigious. A wide range of tournaments awaits the participants. The nation with the highest cumulative score will not only have its pockets filled, but will also be able to influence the fate of Bicolline's lands at the next Bal Pourpre.  In order to participate in the Tournament of Nations, you must contact your region leader so that they can register you in their delegation. Only the names on this list will be able to register as a participant. It is also possible to attend the tournaments as a spectator and cheer on the participants. Of course, the decorum must be applied and it is the occasion to bring out your best your best clothes, your banners and your war chants because the spectators can in their own way influence the performance of the participants! 



In order to comply with the sanitary norms, we must limit the number of registrations to the activity.

Each region can register a maximum of 50 participants.

The number of spectators is limited to 600, regardless of their region.




No arrival on Friday

Arrival: 7:00 am to 9:45 am

Beginning of the tournaments: 10am

End of the tournament: 6pm

Closing of the site and the Auberge: 11pm



Sanitary protocol for activities

We invite you to take note of the sanitary protocol for our activities. This one is

available on our website:



Possibility to sleep on the site

It is possible for cession owners that are registered to the activity to sleep on the site during the night of Saturday to Sunday.

Please note that the sanitary rules in effect apply and a maximum of 10 people per building or

 all members of three different families can stay on the site.

Participants registered for the following week's «villégiature» will be able to stay on the site Sunday. The same sanitary rules apply.

Please note that no tents will be allowed to be pitched on the site during the event.


Member participants: $65 + taxes


Non-member participants: $80 + taxes


Member spectators : 25$ + taxes


Non-member spectators: $30 + taxes


Children under 16 years of age enter the site free of charge, but parents must indicate their name in the comments of their registration form. 


Participants and spectators have the option of reserving two meals for $22.50 + tax. Lunch meals cans be picked up between 11am and 2pm at the kitchen tent and between 4pm and 8pm for the dinner. Two coupons will be given at the reception desk.


Please note that the kitchen tent will also be selling food until the closing of the Auberge at 10:30 pm.