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Due to sanitary measures in place, the 2021 edition of the Grande Bataille de Bicolline is cancelled.

You can already put the dates of the Purple Ball on March 26, 2022 and the week of the Great Battle from August 7 to 14, 2022 on your calendars.

Duché de Bicolline is a land where combat, dream and magic come together!

A place where time stops while you immerse yourself in a game that transcends reality.

Welcome to this fantastic medieval universe accessiblerienced player

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The Duché de Bicolline adventure was born out of the shared dream and the determination of several enthusiasts in 1994.

In 1996, the first Great Battle was held forming Bicolline and marking the Live Action Role Playing world throughout Quebec.

For many years now, the Duché de Bicolline has been using its experience in the field of gaming immersion towards the realization of various projects.


Imagination is an inexhaustible resource that Bicolline uses passionately to create unforgettable emotion-filled experiences!

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What is the Duché de Bicolline?

The Duché de Bicolline is the largest realm dedicated to medieval fantasy role-playing in North America, with a village that is built and developed by its participants, comprised of more than 190 buildings. Bicolline also has a four-season medieval inn that hosts many activities aimed at its members as well as individuals, organizations and companies looking for an extraordinary meeting place or wishing to experience something unique.

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Over the years, the Duché de Bicolline has become an indispensable part of the world of Live Action Role Playing and now boasts a worldwide reputation.

Great Battles


Bicolline offers a Live Action Role Playing experience for anyone looking for adventure!

The game is punctuated with activities taking place in the vast realm of the Duché in six main categories:

Cessions septembre

  • À venir
  • Information to come
  • Inscriptions pour les dates de cessions du mois de septembre

Cessions Octobre

  • À venir
  • Information to come
  • Inscriptions pour les dates de cessions du mois d'Octobre

Cessions Novembre

  • 5 to Nov. 7, 2021

  • Information
  • Inscriptions pour les dates de cessions du mois de novembre

Journées d'entretien Octobre

  • 14 to Oct. 17, 2021

  • Information
  • Journées d'entretien des bâtiments pour le mois d'octobre

Activities for children

  • À venir
  • Information to come
  • An exhilarating adventure lasting 5 days and 5 nights where the participants embody courageous adventurers of the Middle Ages to defend the inhabitants of the Duché. Designed for young people between the ages of 8 and 14, stays are organized by Les Camps Légendaires team with energy-filled animators offering the most secure and supervised environment. Fun and discoveries are sure to be experienced by all!
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Characters, combat and certification

The Bicolline universe is based on combat, whether about territories, races, religions or of any other origin. Combats must be adequately regulated to ensure proper game play and the safety of players.

It is very important to be fully aware of the rules of combat, based on fair play of each participant, to ensure the safety of players, weapons, shields and armor. Your equipment must therefore meet the certification standards established by the organization.

Combat rules

Rules for special roles

Certification standards for weapons


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A picture is worth a thousand words...Here we present you a thousand images for a single word: Bicolline!

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Olivier Renard
Basia Kornaga
Économiste du Duché
Éric Dubé
Cinéaste ducale
Sébastien Lefebvre
François Noël
Maître de jeu
Brigitte Richard
La fée du logis
Étienne Simard
Coordonnateur de la Bataille de Bicolline


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