Bataille de Bicolline - 24th edition - August 11 to 18, 2019

4 must-sees!


The Concerts of the Duché

You will have the pleasure to listen and dance to the sound of the minstrels of the Duché! The complete lineup of the bands is coming soon.


Every night on the main stage in the Old Town.



The Fosse aux Monstres show

At night fall, all monsters of Bicolline will gather in the Fosse aux Monstres... They will have to face each other as well as overcome deadly challenges and only one will survive! Supported by a fire performance, it is a show that must be seen in a magical natural amphitheater!


Schedule and details to come.

At the Fosse aux Monstres in the Old Town.



The Comédiéval Club

Created and animated by the famous troubadours of the Middle Ages, Yorick et Pierrick, the Comédiéval Club is a show of humor where young comedians present their shows adapted to the medieval fantasy theme. This show will be presented in French only.


Thursday, August 15 (time to be specified)

In the Old Tavern



Thematic evenings 

At the sunsets, the Duché becomes festive every night! Animation, ceremonies, and themed parties are a preview of what awaits you.


Schedule and details to come.





Culture and festive life at Bicolline!


Workshops during the event

You are invited to discover passionate craftsmen who share their knowledge. These workshops will develop your creativity and allow you to create a piece yourself.


The workshops availables:

The Forge d'Ilmarinen Ferronnerie d'Art invites you to hit the anvil!

Hand made leather article with Cuir F.L.

Carve your own wooden utensil under the teachings of ALamaindAlin


Rate and details to come.


The Dailypocampe

Distributed every morning during the event, the limited edition of this newspaper is very popular. Discover rich articles, privileged information , surprising entertainment and unseen images!


Story time

All Duché's young kids, with their parents, are invited to listen to the most amazing stories of our fantastic world! A number of sympathetic characters will tell their fables throughout the week.


In the morning (schedule to come) in the Upper Town


Master class

You would like to learn the roots of trading, sword fighting, archery or how to perfect your skills? Gather with us and meet the Masters who will gladly share their knowledge.


Schedule and details to come.


Culinary contest

Hear ye cook! To your pots and pans! Come and present a meal at the Duché's culinary contest. You will be evaluated on the oral presentation of your meal, the dressing of the plate and of course, the taste of it.


Schedule and details to come.

At the Auberge of Bicolline.