Bataille de Bicolline - 24th edition - August 11 to 18, 2019

The Bataille de Bicolline is an event that gathers more than 3500 participants during 7 days which offers a great visibility to merchants and craftsmen.


To participate as a merchant or craftsman, please consult the information below and complete the form PERMIT APPLICATION.


Only merchants and craftsmen offering products or services that respect the theme of the event will be authorized. For a food concession, please contact us directly.


To contact us: / 819-532-1755


Fees related to the right of sale

The basic right of sale includes:


- One (1) 100 sp. tf. (10X10) sales location. Any excess space is subject to additional charges.

- One (1) 7-day pass to the event (for the merchant of craftsman).

- One (1) parking sport nearby.


Initial right of sale (100 sq.ft.)


Additional space

2,75$ / sq.ft



Location of sales and installation

The merchants' and craftsmens' quarter is located in the decorum area, in the Haute-Ville, close to the Auberge de Bicolline and to the main entrance of the site.


This is the only authorized sales area for all merchants and craftsmen of products/services. A sales licenses issued by the Duché de Bicolline is mandatory. Mobile shops are prohibited.


Types of installations authorized for sale:


1- Medieval or period tent

2- Building

3- Rental kiosk


Reception and departure of merchants and craftsmen


All merchants and craftsmen, as well as their pre-registered employees, can arrive on Saturday August 10th before the event to check in and install their equipment.


For the departure, vehicles will be allowed to circulate on the site on Sunday August 18th at the end of the event.



Rental of a wooden sales kiosk

Bicolline has 10X10 ft. wooden kiosks which are available for rental.

Wooden sales kiosk





Other services available for merchants and craftsmen

A parking space near the merchants' and craftsmen' district is available for vehicles and trailers. Parking will be open daily for your travels if needed.


Additional parking spots are available but additional fees apply.


Attention: the additional parking spaces are limited and allocated only to craftsmen and merchants.


Electricity: Some rental kiosks may be powered by a standard extension cord for an additional fee. Please contact us in advance at the following number 819-532-1755 to check the possibility of bringing electricity into your shop.


Additional parking spot 70$
Electricity 50$



All employees of merchants or craftsmen must be registered for the event for the duration of theur stay on the site.


For every extra 100 square feet of sale space, the merchant or craftsman obtains an adult registration pass for 7 days with no additional charges.



A merchant is present with his 4 employees and owns a 350 suare foot sales tent. He must then pay the following fees:

- Initial sales right 395$
- Additional sales area (250 suare foot at 2,75$)
- 2 registrations (total of 5 people will hold the booth and 3 registrations are included for the 3 X 100 square feet of sale)