Bataille de Bicolline - 24th edition - August 11 to 18, 2019

Discovery Day


Friday August 16th 2019

From 9am until midnight


The purpose of this day is to allow new participants to discover the Bicolline universe through a simple, intuitive and immersice approach. 




- Inorder to enter the site, all participants must be costumed and respect the nature of the event by avoiding any anchronisms. 


- If you are lost or in case of need, Bicolline volunteers ca be spotted easily and can be found everywhere on the ground. Volunteers are dressed in yellow and blue.


- The most precious memories are those we live intensely, dare to meet people and interact with other participants!


- You are invited to consult the Beginners Guide to learn more about Bicolline.


Enjoy your adventre and have fun!  



Prices for 2019

All rates below include taxes

Adult (16 and over) 70$
Child (10-15 years old) 35$
Child (0-9 years old) Free




Costume and decorum


Since this is an immersive activity all participants must wear a medieval-fantastic inspired costume. Please avoid anachronisms such as watches, cell phones, plastic items, water bottle, cameras, etc. Do not hesitate to look up ideas on the internet for your costume and accessories. Our event is medieval and fantasy inspired, which gives you a certain freedom to explore with your costume. All fantasy inspirations are honored, such as the Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, etc.


However, there are some things to avoid:

- White running shoes (it's best to find leather shoes)

- Jeans

- T-Shirts

- Sunglassses (unless prescribed)

- Watches

- Cell phones, mp3 players, iPad, iPhone and other electronic gadgets must remain in your car, they won't have any use on the site.

- Bring a mug to avoid walking with a can of beer or soft drink or juice boxes.

- Camouflage strollers with fabrics like burlap. 

The organization has the right to refuse access to the site to people who aren't costumed or costumed inappropriately.



Must sees of Discovery Day


Merchants' alley

In this area you will fin a large number of craftsmen and merchants from the Haute-Ville (around the Auberge). 


Auberge and Bicolline market

The best place to come and enjoy a good meal in a pleasant atmosphere is indeed at the Auberge. You will also find some promotional items at Bicollines' market just in front of the Auberge.



At nightfall, head to the old town to watch a fantastic show at the Fosse aux Monstres, then head to the main stage to dance away to great musical performances!

(see Shows for band line up) 


Illmarinen's forge

cover-blogue-forge (1).jpg

By strolling around the merchants' alley, you will certainly hear the hammer of Romain Francès hitting the anvil in his forge! Demonstrations and workshops are held every day.