Bataille de Bicolline - 24th edition - August 11 to 18, 2019


4 accommodation options are available:

- Rent a medieval tente in the Faubourg

- Book a room at the Auberge

- Bring your own tent (medieval/decorum tent or modern tent)

- Stay in a medieval building


Rental of a medieval tent in the Faubourg area

These medieval tents offer an experience in a decorum area called the Faubourg. Located in the heart of the Old Town, close to many activities and services. The tents are equipped with a floor, 2 cots and chest to store your belongings. In the Faubourg, you will find a covered common area with a fireplace, tables and benches.

Rental of Medieval Tent    7 days

490$ taxes included


Book a room at the Auberge de Bicolline

Six (6) rooms are available for rent for the whole week of the event (7 days and 7 nights). The capacity of the rooms vary from 1 to 4 people. Each room has one bed (or more) AND a private bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.


To check availability, please contact us at / 819-532-1755.


Bring your own tent!

Included in your registration fees is a spot in the decorum area if you have a medieval style tent or a spot in the non-decorum camping site for modern tents.


Spots for tents are limited and we will prioritize pre-registered participants. You may indicate the area where you wish to install your tent, but it is not guaranteed that you will be placed there.


Decorum camping: Your tent must meet Bicolline's standards of a decorum tent. A tent can bu refused to be set up in the decorum area if it is judged as non-decorum.




Non-decorum camping is equipped with lanterns and a communal fire pit.





- Sanitary facilities

- Waste management

- Recycling brigade

- Medical staff

- Fire pits (policiy)


Sanitary facilities 

Several porta potties are available on the site.

A sanitary block is found right behind the Auberge. Shower cards are sold at the convenience Marché store located in front of the Auberge.


Waste management 

Waste management must be done on your campsite. It's forbidden to accumulate garbage along the roads. There are two ways to get rid of your waste:


1- A pick-up by carriage will be done at most camps, twice a day. When the carriage passes near your camp, please bring your bags of garbage to the carriage.

2- Dumpsters will be available at the following three points:

- At 1540, near the coordination building

- At 1480, near the reception building

- At the reception post of the non-decorum campsite


We ask you to bring your garbage yourself to one of these three points, especially if you are in an area that the carriage can not access or if your camps are near one of these three points. While transporting your waste and to remain decorum please try to camouflage your garbage bag with burlap if possible.


Recycling brigade  

Bicolline has partnered up with the Fondation de l'École planétaire La Tortue-des-Bois from the local elementary school in St-Mathieu-du-Parc. Groups of parents and children will go around your camps to recover consigned cans and bottles twice a day throughout the event.


Please help them by sorting out your refundables (cans and bottles) in recycling bags and they will be picked up at the sound of the bell.


Medical staff  

Medical staff are constantly present on site located in the Vieille Ville AND right next to the reception desk in the Haute Ville. Be sure to bring your prescribed medication and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way. While it’s important to have fun, please monitor your consumption of alcohol and be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty fluids throughout the day. We also suggest that you bring along a first aid kit for minor accidents.




Standards for outdoor fire

All fire pits must be approved before the event by Bicolline. No fire pit can be improvised onsite. You must use the official fire pits on the site .

-All fire pits must be equipped with a fire guard.


-No accelerator or material derived or manufactured from petroleum will be used in the outdoor fireplace.
- The outdoor fireplace can not be used to incinerate garbage or construction residues.
- When lit, the fire pit must be under constant adult supervision until it is extinguished so that it does not present a risk.