Bataille de Bicolline - 24th edition - August 11 to 18, 2019

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Mixed league, female league and friendly league

Discipline among disciplines in the world of Bicolline. Trollball is demanding, exhausting and extremely spectacular! The purpose of ths game is to place a troll head as many times as possible in the opposite team's goal without being touched by the swords of the opponents.

All schedules, rules and details are coming soon.

Rulebook Trollball 1019



Classic Tournaments

All schedules, rules and details are coming soon.


Artillery Tournament

This is the meeting place for engineers and groups with war machines, balistas, catapults and cannons. They will engage different shooting challenges on multiple targets.


The Champions' Tournament

One-on-one confrontations where fighters have the choice between different types of weapons and can use a shield. The best have been competing in Bicolline for years!


Gladiators' Tournament

Tournament where fighters compete in teams of two in an arena with the weapons of their choice. These team duels are spectacular and require great coordination.


Swords' Tournament

For a long time the use of the sword 110 cm was the art of the most valiant warriors. The winners of this tournament are welcomed as heroes and acclaimed by all.


Archery Tournament

This classic archery tournament will determine who is the Duchés' best archer! Qualifications will determine the archers who will pass on the Loren Circle for the ultimate challenge.





Special Activities

All schedules, rules and details are coming soon.


The soldiers' fight (Tactika cup)

Groups of 12 armed fighters will show their tactical prowess and determination on the battlefield. The fight of the fights!


The strength challenges of the Duché

Brutality and finesse combine to offer you a major tournament where the strong men and women of Bicolline will be challenged in breathtaking challenges!





Children's Activities

All schedules, rules and details are coming soon.


The Camp of squires

Throughout the week, the Camps Légendaires team offers various activities specially designed for kids. Games of clashes, Olympiads, quests, battles and more!

The camp is located in the Faubourg but activities can take place elsewhere on the site. 



The hour of the tale

The Duché's toddlers, accompanied by their parents, are invited to listen to the most extraordinary stories of our fantastic world! A host of great characters will tell their tales throughout the week.


In the morning, in the Haute-Ville (schedule to come).



Combat Activities

All schedules, rules and details are coming soon.


The Battles

Three epic battles will take place during the event, in which three conflicts from Bicolline's goepolitical universe will be fought.


Monday August 12th 3pm
Tuesday August 15th 1pm
Saturday August 17th 1pm